Curt Audet

Curt Audet

Valley View Baptist Church has exciting news to share with our members! On February 13, 2022, we unanimously approved Curt Audet as our new pastor!

Pastor Curt’s Bio

Pastor Curt has served in pastoral, evangelism and discipleship ministry since the early 90’s. Born in Waterbury, Connecticut, Curt was raised with his siblings in a loving home. He was raised in a nominally Roman Catholic home when he joined his mother, brother and sister to hear and receive the Gospel message at a Billy Graham Crusade in their area. 

As a teenager, Curt began to grow in the Lord through Bible studies his family would have together. In that time period, Curt began to sense a call from the Lord to pursue pastoral ministry. He says,

“During this time in God’s Word with my family, I began to have a strong desire to help people learn what I was learning in Christ and to be a part of encouraging other people. It was like this: I began to see myself as one beggar telling another beggar where I found the Bread. And that Bread of Life is Jesus. ” – Pastor Curt

His goal then–as well as now –was to focus on discipleship, teaching and preaching the Bible.

In response to his calling, Curt began attending Faith Bible College, a correspondence course of study he could do while working as a carpenter in Vermont where he then lived.  A year of this study then led Curt to make the move to Chicago in 1989 to attend Moody Bible Institute where he earned his BA in 1994. He became the pastor of a local church, Leavitt Street Bible Church, on the near north side of Chicago where he had already been serving. He worked with LSBC until 2000. 

Since coming to Valley View Baptist in the summer of 2021 as a visiting preacher, then our interim pastor, Pastor Curt has taught the church through consistent, expositional messages, working through the Book of Hebrews and other passages. He is planning to begin a new series in the book of Acts in July of 2022.

In January 2022, he introduced a year-long Chronological Bible individual reading plan for the church members and is encouraging VVBC members to get together to discuss the daily readings.  He has gone above and beyond to come alongside our members to shepherd in and through many situations, showing his commitment to VVBC even before becoming our pastor in February.


Pastor Curt has been married to his wife, Mineke, for 31 years.  Together, they have four children:  Gordon, age 30; Benjamin, age 29; Timothy, age 27; and Peter, age 25.  Pastor Curt and Mineke moved their family from Chicago to Saint Charles in 2000 to serve alongside Fox Valley Bible Church on Randall Road.. Pastor Curt’s ministry at VVBC begins bi-vocational as he is also the owner/operator of Audet Carpentry, a family-run carpentry business he works long with his sons.  

Mineke Audet – Pastor’s Wife

Mineke grew up in Vermont where she and Curt met in high school. She came to the Lord at a Steve Green Concert at age 18.  Mineke has worked with special needs children and adults and currently has been working with one young man over the past 17 years.  Mineke loves being Curt’s wife, the mom of their sons, and really loves being a grandmother.  Mineke has served together in ministry alongside Curt since before they were married in 1990.  Mineke loves children’s ministry, AWANA, singing along with others in the choir, and strengthening and helping Curt.  She loves crafting, hosting, hospitality, and encouraging other women in their walk with the Lord.  She looks forward to seeing how the Lord will work at Valley View. 

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