2022 Indochina Missions Newsletters

2022 Indochina Missions Newsletters

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December 2022

November 2022Below is our 30-year Anniversary Newsletter. I hope you are having a great holiday season.  It’s 80 to 95 degrees here year round and I sure miss the snow.

I pray for you all every day and hope I can speak for a Mission’s Conference in fall of 2023 there at Valley View Baptist Church.

Missionaries Glenn Colley and Kit Savoeun 

October 2022

September 2022Attached is our September Newsletter with great news on two new souls saved and baptized.  Keep praying,  great things are happening as we build up our ministry for our Lord Jesus.

Missionaries Glenn Colley and Kit Savoeun 

August 2022

July 2022 We all have, or had the Covid B5 here now.  I’m praying there will be an end to it soon.  I had a great trip to the Villages and the work here at the main DaNgow Church is going well. I pray for you every day.

Missionaries Glenn Colley and Kit Savoeun 

June 2022 Below is our June Newsletter with great pictures of our new Yamaha piano keyboard and the four dedicated musicians who lead our music and song service here at the DaNgow Church.

Thank you for your prayers for traveling mercies.  I’ll be in the Villages during the first week of July.

May 2022 We were back working in the remote Villages in May.  These Village Church students are so faithful and encouraging and Pastor Reap is doing a great job bringing them through difficult times.  Enjoy the pictures. Missionaries Glenn Colley and Kit Savoeun 

April 2022We had three items of great news this month with three great pictures. The work is picking up now as Covid wanes away. Keep praying for us. Your prayers and gifts are what keep us and the work here going forward. Glenn & Savoeun Colley

March 2022Below is our March Newsletter with great news and a photo of the salvation and baptism of Mrs. DaRa here at the DaNgow Church. We will have more great news in April as we get the Bible School back out into the Villages.

In Christ’s Service to the Cambodian People, Glenn & Savoeun Colley

February 2022

January 2022