The Passover Experience with Justin Kron
  • 6N656 Route 25
    Saint Charles, IL 60174

  • Valley View Baptist Church

The Passover Experience with Justin Kron

What is the Passover Experience?

The Passover Experience is an interactive presentation that takes participants through a traditional Passover Seder through the lens of the Jewish sages and the writers of the New Testament.

Participants will gain a greater understanding for Jesus and his teachings within his Jewish context and a deeper appreciation for the relationship between Judaism and Christianity.

What Can I Expect if I Attend

The Passover Experience at Valley View Baptist Church will consist of an hour-long presentation by Justin Kron, followed by a full catered Passover Seder meal, and finally the closing presentation by Justin. Keryn Moriyah and Amanda Lealaua will be leading us through sometimes lively and sometimes reflective worship music at various points in the presentation.

What is the Cost and How Do I Register?

The cost of the Seder, including the full catered meal, is $25 per adult and $12.50 for children (12 and under). We do have a limit of 45 people, so please register early if you would like to attend.

You can register online by scrolling down and filling out the form below. Below the registration form is a flyer with registration slips. Download, print and mail the registration slip with your payment to Valley View Baptist Church at the address below. If you are unable to print, include the information listed on the registration slip on a sheet of paper and mail with your check.


    Please fill out this form to register, then mail your payment with a registration slip to 6N656 Route 25, Saint Charles, IL 60174



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